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How you can help

​     These Three Words is a documentary feature film that follows five individuals in their brain cancer battle. It shares stories, determination and brings together those from different walks of life affected by this underpublicized disease.

     Amber, Andrew, Greg, Mike and Scott are all different in age but have three key things in common – hope, love and a drive for survival. These Three Words also reveals a mixture of frustration and anger that this terrible disease brings, something that is universal reaching across boundaries and language alike.  

     Over two hundred hours of footage has been captured and logged as the stars of this film travelled across the USA, Europe and Scandinavia. Interviews that have taken place over 10 years with the featured five, talk show hosts, music production teams, caring hospital staff, the chemist who helped develop a drug of choice for brain cancer patients and doctors hoping beyond hope for a cure.  

We Need To Raise Some Money

     To date, These Three Words has raised $22,000 for the production and making of this documentary, all principal filming is nearly complete. Producer and Director Paul A. Roselli has followed the experiences of Amber, Andrew, Greg, Mike and Scott’s for more than a decade. Everything has been shot on state of the art high definition cameras, which gives their stories the filmic quality they deserve.

     These Three Words now needs to raise $478,000 to get the story to the screen. We need to meet costs for

•    Travel Expenses
•    Rough Cut Editing
•    Medical Graphics
•    Animation 
•    Film Festivals
•    Distribution
•    Editing
•    Music
•    Graphics
•    Social Media
•    Title and Credits
•    Legal Services
•    Archive
•    Final Post Production

Another way to help is to volunteer with us if you have skills with these things: 

• Rough Cut Editing
• Medical Graphics
• Animation • Graphics
• Social Media

As a thank you, people who get involved will be mentioned in the film credits.

How Can You Help? 

•    Donate! Every last doller will be vital to the success of the film. If you can donate, whatever amount, big or small, you can do that here (INSERT LINK)

•    Fundraise! Why not hold a fundraising event and get your family, friends or colleagues involved.

•    Spread the word! These Theee Words can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Why not share what we are talking about with your networks.

     Together we can make this happen, with your support These Three Words will become a testament to those fighting brain cancer the world over.

These Three Words fiscal sponsor is the Rhode Island Film Collaborative - a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization. All donations to These Three Words go to our fiscal sponsor and pay for producing These Three Words. Contributions qualify for a US charitable gift donation on US tax returns. Make your gift today.